Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ryan rode the bus for the very first time yesterday. He was happy before he got on the bus. See the smiles!!! He was OK when he got on the bus too. Kind of excited. Then you see the last picture I took of him. He has that scared look in his face then. Broke my heart!!! He was not happy to see me leaving and letting him actually go.on.the.bus like that. Very emotional day. He pooped (nervous tummy), was non-compliant (says his teacher in a note) and took a nap on the way home (don't know for how long). He was super thirsty and hungry. I could tell that he was not happy with the situation.

I was also very proud of him. A few years ago they didn't think that he would live and he is now riding a bus by himself and dealing with it! He is so amazingly strong!!!!

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